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Enterprise Business Partner Registration: General Information

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is improving how it provides online services to Business Partners. Several state agencies are working together to establish a single Business Partner ID (B-) to access multiple state agency sites as a way of simplifying your experience. If you have not registered for a Business Partner ID (B-) before and wish to create a new account, please click the ‘Next’ button below.

What is Enterprise Business Partner Registration? This registration allows you to create a Business Partner ID (B-) that you will use to complete management tasks affiliated with your specific position. Once you have completed tasks, they will be escalated accordingly in order to receive approval.


Register as County Children and Youth Agency User? To register for CWIS Worker Portal you need to be a County user. Non County user cannot register to the application. Confirm below that you are a county user to continue with registration.


Already have a Business Partner ID (B-)? If you have already created a Business Partner ID (B-), you do not need to create another one. Simply click the link below and use the Business Partner ID and Password you have already created to login.